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Unlock Growth Opportunities!

Sign up today to access a world of sustainable business possibilities.

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Showcase Your Sustainability!

Easily add and highlight your eco-friendly products to a global audience.

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Effortless Order Management!

Streamline your transactions with our intuitive order management system.

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Fast, Secure Payments!

Receive payments seamlessly and contribute to a greener future.

Maximize Your Potential on Grooft B2B

Simplify your business strategy with our exclusive features

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No Commissions

Maximize your profits hassle-free, as Grooft ensures no commission deductions

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Real-Time Communication

Create instant connections with customers through our exclusive direct WhatsApp feature

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Powerful Advertisement & Promotions

Boost your visibility through powerful advertising and promotional tools

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Free Unlimited Quotes

Quote freely and drive business growth with unlimited quoting capabilities

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Global Network

Expand your reach globally by connecting with a vast network of businesses

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Secure Transaction Process

Ensure secure transactions with our trusted and reliable payment system

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Stand Out in the Marketplace

Elevate your presence with exclusive benefits for Retailers

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Tiered Pricing Strategies

Easily adjust prices based on quantity. Sell more, earn more!

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Unique Store Look

Stand out with a store that reflects you. Highlight your best products!

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Verified Business Status

Earn trust instantly! Get an opportunity to become a verified business and show customers you're legit.

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Boost Your Brand

Get noticed! We'll help market your brand with cool designs.

The Grooft B2B Legacy

Grooft B2B was established with the primary objective of democratizing business opportunities, ensuring equitable access for enterprises of all sizes. Historically, nations endowed with abundant resources faced challenges in securing optimal opportunities. The core mission of Grooft B2B is to rectify this imbalance by fostering a level playing field, enabling businesses, irrespective of their scale, to capitalize on favourable prospects and showcase their products on a global scale.

Our Story for Grooft B2B

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Grow your business with Grooft B2B. Join now to unlock growth opportunities and connect with a global network of potential buyers.

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Connect with opportunities that drive growth

Experience a world of growth and sustainability. Joining GROOFT opens the door to unparalleled business prospects.

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Reach global markets effortlessly

Connect effortlessly with potential buyers. Our platform ensures direct and instant communication for efficient collaboration.

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Your success is our priority

Benefit from personalized assistance. Our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring your success every step of the way.

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