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Grooft is nothing but an idea that represents the quality of products at the lowest cost and behind this thought of great analysis of various e-commerce marketplaces and therefore, we are bringing the highest quality items through selected vendors.

Our platform aims to connect manufacturers and suppliers to small business or vendors who wishes to start businesses across the globe.

This is an initiative taken by two co-founders from different backgrounds to make this happen through our selected vendors and partners.

We aim to create a platform that is easy to use and have all the appropriate functionality which meets the needs and standards of the market and ease off the worries for vendors and end-users.

Legal understanding of the Company
Grooft is a trading brand of the ‘’Monarch Pantra Limited‘’ registered in England & Wales and all the tax liabilities and operations are being conducted by the Law of the United Kingdom and so, provide safety of all our users including vendors and customers.

International recruitment and training
Our organization is now have training offices in South Asia to recruit vendors, suppliers, and manufacture to sign up to gain full training through professionals, and start trading right away without further delays.


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Meet Our Leaders

Ad Rehman


Ad Rehman

I am a business consultant by professional with experience in real estate, educational, and strategical planning. I have worked with various professionals throughout the professional cycle and put together my work experience and network to bring this dream to reality.

Daniela Orlandi


Daniela Orlandi

I have been working as a registered pharmacist and have done practice for many years and initial idea was to launch online health and beauty products then we realize the needs of the market and brought this idea together.

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