Service Provider Partner

Grow your business with Grooft

Partner with the world's leading B2B ecommerce platform and become an official reseller, receive commissions, and support your clients going global.

Global buy, global sell

As an Authorized Service Provider Partner, your contribution will be vital in guiding businesses onto the global stage. You’ll introduce them to Grooft’s advanced digital platform that not only provides tools for global selling but also offers powerful analytics and exclusive market insights. These assets will assist businesses in making data-informed decisions, refining their strategies, and eventually rising as global suppliers. By becoming a Channel Partner, you can broaden your service offerings, attract a diverse client base, and explore new avenues for high-yield potential.

As an Grooft Service Provider Partner, your core responsibilities will be Customer Acquisition and Customer Onboarding. You will bring new businesses to A Grooft, providing them with the opportunity to become part of the global marketplace and supporting them throughout their journey.

Become a Grooft Service Provider Partner

Experience boundless earning potential as an Grooft Service Provider Partner. You'll earn a commission for each membership or service offering you sell - be it new sign-ups, renewals, or on-platform marketing activities.

Training and support

We provide comprehensive onboarding training for our Service Provider Partner, ensuring that you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive on one of the world's leading B2B eCommerce platforms. Further, we offer premium local Grooft Account Management support to assist you throughout the journey.

Marketing opportunities

Becoming an Authorized Service Provider Partner of Grooft presents you with unique marketing opportunities. You will gain recognition on our platform, thus opening doors to new leads and possibilities.

Start to scale

Begin your journey to success in just six weeks! From the submission of your business plan to undergoing comprehensive training, we guide you every step of the way.

Week 1

Start-up form and Business Plan

Week 2

Business plan assessment & interview

Week 3

Contract review & signing

Week 4

Partner onboarding

Week 5

Partner training

Week 6

Towards Success

Explore collaboration opportunities

Let's explore the possibilities of collaboration and work together to unlock the potential of international trade for businesses in your country. Connect with us to learn more about the success stories and initiatives we have developed in partnership.

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