This agreement outlines the procedure for reporting abusive behavior on the GROOFT B2B platform. Users are encouraged to report any instances of abuse promptly to maintain a secure and professional community. The platform administrators will investigate reported incidents and take appropriate actions.

Incident Reporting:

Users must report incidents promptly, providing date, time, and details of the abusive behavior.
Include names of involved parties and a brief description of the nature of abuse.

Investigation Process:

The platform will conduct a swift and thorough investigation, considering perspectives from all parties involved.
Relevant evidence, such as screenshots or messages, will be collected during the investigation.


If abuse is confirmed, the account of the responsible party may be temporarily suspended pending further actions.
A community notification will be issued, emphasizing the platform’s zero-tolerance policy for abusive behavior.

Policy Review:

The platform will regularly review and update policies related to abusive behavior to prevent future occurrences.

Permanent Action:

Depending on the severity of the abuse, permanent account suspension may be considered.
By using the GROOFT B2B platform, users agree to adhere to these guidelines and support a community that prioritizes professionalism and respect. The platform reserves the right to take necessary actions to maintain a safe and secure environment for all users.

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