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Innovative and effective: Unlike other “anti-mold” tissues—which are sprayed with a substance that only prevents mold growth on the tissue, not the products—MPX2® Poly-Tissue is constructed with anti-microbial technology blended into the HDPE itself. This unique tissue is proven to eliminate mold on all the surfaces it contacts, as well as in surrounding areas.

Versatile: Use MPX2® Poly-Tissue with any products you need to defend from both mold and surface damage—shoes, bags, garments, accessories, leather goods, housewares, and beyond. Available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, it’s an all-in-one packing tissue and mold prevention solution.

Easy to use: Replace any tissue you use with MPX2® Poly-Tissue for complete product protection. No special storage or handling required—simply wrap or stuff goods during final packaging as usual.

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Vendor Information

  • Store Name: Micro Pak
  • Vendor: Micro Pak
  • Address: Suite 2504, Tower 6, Harbour City, The Gateway
    9 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong
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Hong Kong
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Product Enquiry

Product Enquiry

MPX2® Poly-Tissue

MPX2® Poly-Tissue

Micro Pak

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Economic valueDelivering value to our clients drives our vision and enterprise growth.
SustainabilityMaking a positive global impact for our clients and their communities means ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.
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